About Us

At the intersection, where “Industrial Chic” and “Rustic” meet, you will find The Little Rustic Place…

We are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of rustic, industrial-chic, vintage and shabby-chic inspired décor and props for all events.

Our alternative, little home-based hiring business, offers a “One of each kind” eclectic range which defines the spheres of the “Rustic” world- where no two items are the same. Mix and Match, Contrast and Compliment, we will help you integrate our items to achieve the perfect décor setting and a “talk of the town” event.

Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday, corporate event, bridal or baby shower, “The Little Rustic Place” might just have what you need and if we don’t, we will certainly go to great lengths to try and find if not make that special something.

If at first glance you do not see anything on our list, that meets your requirements, please drop me a mail and let’s discuss-If it is out there, we can more than likely supply it and probably at a fraction of the price!

Our clients are welcomed to a “cuppa” in a relaxed, feel-at- home environment, while you browse our ever growing rustic/ vintage inspired collection. It is for this reason and for the purpose of one on one, unpressurized consultation, that we see clients by appointment only- In the mean time, all enquiries will be promptly and gladly addressed via e-mail, telephone or Whatsapp.

Who's behind The Little Rustic Place

Meet Chantal

Plan, Design, Create, Organise – It’s what Chantal does best! -Whether within their home or their business.
Her design philosophy is that every décor setting acquires that much more character when something rustic or vintage is added to that setting, to balance out modern elements.
Chantal’s personable character and friendly approach is clear from your first encounter with her and her energy and passion for all things rustic and DIY is infectious
Following a career in Kitchen Designing, Sales and Administration (in various industries) and then the birth of their children, Jonathan and Chantal realised that their family would benefit most with a full time Stay at home mom and this subsequently led to her giving up her career in order to serve their family. Her inability to “sit still” coupled with her love for all things rustic is what propelled her to make affordable rustic décor available to all those who share her passion.
If she is not busy researching new product ideas to add to their range or physically building décor items for The Little Rustic Place you will find her at her home tackling some DIY project, crafting and enjoying the company of her family, fur-family and friends
Chantal is responsible for all administration and design aspects of the business and even though managing their home and raising their four children is her number one priority, she continues to keep her discerning eye on the growth and establishment of their youngest baby “The Little Rustic Place”

Meet Jonathan

Prior to becoming physically involved in the Little Rustic Place, Jonathan spent 8 years in the Customer Service industry and therefore has the knack for going further than the extra mile to ensure that clients feel assured and happy to the end.
Since joining TLRP he has discovered new dimensions to his God given abilities and has developed a passion for woodwork. He also merrily assists with venue styling.
Their family agree that Teamwork makes the Dream work- While the success of their business depends on her strengths to manage and design, it greatly relies on his strengths to manufacture and deliver And equally important, they are thankful for the support and co-operation they get from their children.
But as with any married couple, the pair admits that working together can be a bit crazy at times, with Chantal always “delegating” and Jonathan not always in the mood to be delegated to (lol)- However once coaxed into going along with the plan, it’s not long before Jonathan is excited to see the end result of a design his wife had conceptualised and a final product that he himself has built.
“When asked what it is that we do- We do whatever it takes”!

What We Do

  • Manufacture & Supply Rustic Decor

  • Venue Styling

  • Take Down Service

  • Delivery & Collection

  • Wedding Sound

  • Exquisite Flooring

Our Services…

Venue Styling

At The Little Rustic Place we are passionate about venue styling whether it is a wedding, a birthday or corporate event. We offer a bespoke styling service that can assist you as much or as little as you’d like with two (2) Styling Options to suite any budget.

 Option 1:

  • Set-up Assistance @ R650- Partial Assistance


Need a little extra help bringing your vision to reality? We are able to work as a team, assisting your other helpers with setting out your hired décor items (from us or other suppliers) to offering suggestions for placement of hired props on site. Our Set up Assistance Fee is R650 for (1-5hrs) and R100 per hour thereafter till 4pm then overtime rates will be discussed and confirmed with the client before we proceed.  Please note that under this Option- we are not solely responsible for the completion of the set up

Option 2:

  • Full Venue Styling – Complete Set up carried out by The Little Rustic Place

We can help you create a truly unique experience for your guests- whether it is for 20 or 200. Using our décor and props we can dress your venue inside and out delivering a truly bespoke decoration service.

Our aim is to ensure that your venue set-up is just as you planned- Each little detail carried out.

From setting out and up of tables and table décor to chairs, chair décor and other little hired bits (placement of photo’s, stationary (programs, guest place cards, menu’s, etc), we are the team you end up relying solely on, on the BIG day- The team you end up calling when you realise that last minute this and that still needs to be done. We will carry out every instruction at your request to ensure your vision is realised. We spend an extensive amount of time with you beforehand, plotting and planning, making notes as we go along, double, if not triple checking that we are on the same page.

Our Fee depends on your list of to-do’s and the time factor involved in setting up.

Takedown Service and Fees:

Should you require assistance with “Take Down” of Our hired décor (Only) after your event, we are able to assist at an additional fee of R350. We are not responsible for any cleaning, washing of dishes, sweeping or mopping, etc. We take down our own props and décor items and ensure that they are empty, dismantled and securely wrapped up and ready for return to our base. We take stock of each item before it leaves the venue so as to ensure that you are not held liable for any misplaced items. Of course, should any item be lost or damaged, the necessary replacement costs will apply.

Should you require us to take down décor by other vendors this needs to be discussed and planned with all parties concerned beforehand and will be quoted for accordingly.

Delivery and Collection:

Does not include any setting out of any hired items

Rates depend on area and mode of transport used to transport items


Option 1

Drop off at door and Collect from door- Involves Driver and 1 helper


Option 2

Involves a team consisting of the Driver plus additional helpers

Drop off and carry through venue and place in celebration area in no specific layout

Collection from celebration area and carry through venue to transport

Wedding DJ Services:

We recommend Dj’s with years of experience, PA systems, lighting and staging for all types of events.

Saw some inspiration elsewhere but looking for a comparative quote?
Send us a picture (email or whatsap) and we will gladly quote if it is something we are able to do.

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